Evaporate - Josh Zuckerman

​PLH Records

Serial Killers: The Musical

(For Your Consideration)

Two Serial Killers form an unlikely friendship as they try to make it in the stressful and competitive murder industry.

Short Films

Presidents Day - Horror Satire, starring: Monica Ricketts, David Zuckerman, Jud Zumwalt, Brittany Faith Rosoff, Chelsea Taylor Leech, Dax Hill, Benjamin Goodwin, Michael Minto, and Mike Ostroski.

COMPLETED - Awaiting Distribution

The Vigilante - Action/Drama, Starring David Zuckerman, Heather Aulerich, Joe Coffey...


Afterworld - Post Apocalyptic Web Series

Guilty Pleasure - Josh Zuckerman

​PLH Records

Who's That Cat? - Josh Zuckerman

​PLH Records

Music Videos


Ladies & Gentlemen (For Your consideration)

A cover of the sitcoms we grew up on. The show follows six friends trying to find their place in love, life and the world.

Feature Films

Mick The Brick

​Action Drama (35mm short film)


Horror Western (Digital)

What We Do

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