Where The Heck are we!?

What is Crooked Jaw Productions?

Crooked Jaw Productions is located in Los Angeles, CA; working throughout Southern California, and expanding fast.

Crooked Jaw Productions is a full service production company dedicated to simplifying the production process by providing extensive in-house services. Our team has extensive experience in the production of music videos, commercials, new media and narrative content.

Crooked Jaw Productions provides a unique and specialized service for those looking to create content using a smaller multi-specialized team of professionals capable of carrying the workload of larger crews with greater efficiency.

We provide as many in-house services as possible including developent, equipment and post production. We also utilize our extensive professional network to meet the more unique needs of your project. Most importantly, we believe in having an open, honest and effective communication with our clients through the duration of the process to ensure they recieve the product they envision.

Why Choose us?

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