James Martinez - VP of Creative

Jordan Leach is a writer, director, and producer from the wonderfully cold state of Wisconsin. He is well-versed in numerous areas of filmmaking and has worked on dozens of shorts and features. He sees the process of filmmaking similar to that of a jigsaw puzzle: All the pieces must seamlessly fit together for the big picture to be realized. A recently published author, Jordan is excited to continue his creative journey into writing.

Benjamin Goodwin - VP of Development

David Zuckerman - Founder/President

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Anthony James - VP of Production

With his dual background in producing and cinematography, Anthony James specializes in effectively communicating between the production and camera teams. His experience in writing and post production have provided him the necessary skills to see a project through from conception all the way to completion.

David made a name for himself at a young age with his award-winning 35mm short film, "Mick the Brick". He has since gone on to direct numerous short and long-form projects including feature films, commercials, music videos, PSA's, and more. Whether he's working with clients or on his independent projects, he has mastered the art of leading his team to create the best content possible. A recent fellow in the 2019 LA Skins Writers Workshop, David is making his way as a creative powerhouse one step at a time.

James has dedicated his life and career to visual storytelling. He strives to blend the worlds of cinematography and writing together to create the best possible experience for his audience. He utilizes every available resource to produce the greatest quality product within the confines of any situation. His passion for filmmaking is as evident as it is unstoppable.

Having written and produced works in various mediums and genres, Ben Goodwin has gained practical experience in all facets of writing. He has worked in literary management, new media, and marketing, and now specializes in creating scripts that will work within the specific budget and time restrictions for any given project. His philosophy is that story should always come first.

Jordan Leach - VP of Operations